I started Fandango Recording Toronto back in 1998 because of my love for music and sound. I’ve been playing music for many years; the passion for music comes from my family - my parents guided me to learn music since early childhood. No different than other musicians, I had my share of playing live (and I still do from time to time). I started with classical guitar, and in my 20’s I put together a band called Labyrinth, promoting progressive rock, with classical and jazz influences. During the seven years of existence, the band toured, recorded for radio, TV and an LP. It was those recording sessions that got me really interested in music production, in recording, mixing and mastering. After the band dismantled, I did my share of learning and was lucky enough to be taught by great professionals in the art of recording. At the same time, I was asked to produce a couple of rock groups - the first time was actually by chance, you need that in this business.

I moved to Toronto some 24 years ago, and started from scratch. I found this to be a very exciting time: meet new and very interesting people, learn new recording/mixing and mastering technique and continuously building on the experience I got working at Elektrecord and TVT. As soon as I was able to put together the financial puzzle that stood in the way, Fandango Recording Toronto was born. Over the years, I’ve kept investing in the studio, getting to the point where the blending of analog and digital equipment I put together provides the best possible quality.

There were several criteria I didn't want to compromise, and I know I’ve succeeded. They were: provide excellent acoustics and a creative atmosphere, use only high-end or esoteric equipment (in line with the major studios), bring my experience as a producer to the table, because most of the independent artists can’t afford a producer at the beginning of their career, and maintain an affordable cost without sacrificing quality. 

Fandango Recording Toronto caters mostly to the independent and unsigned musicians, indie acts, bands and songwriters. I believe independent artists are the major force behind music creation, as they have freedom of expression, and do not shy away from being themselves musically speaking. These artists need help and guidance to produce and polish their songs and they need competent professional services as recordingmixing and mastering.

I worked with independent artists like Anastasia-Joy, Dan Ionescu, Dick Felix, Jack Zoravski, Ken G (Japan), George Brasovan, Lynn Glazer, Sunny Choi, bands like Urban Jive, Dansband, Michael Wise Quartet, Cristina, Contrast, Familiar Strangers, The Blueberry Trees, Why Walk Alone, Effective Monday, and produced songs/beats and record for artists like Sebastian John Luciano, Young Profits, Dion Hanlin, 8K, Kristine “Tish” Sebastian, Dirty “I” and many others. I had the pleasure of working on a number of classical and choir music projects, like "Men of Note" choir conducted by Margot Rejskind, "Vox Maris" choir of St. George Church Toronto , and classical music artists like Susan Brown, Steve Shorter, Moise, Julia Zibrat and others.

Fandango Recording developed excellent working relations with labels like Morrison Recordings and Pacemaker Entertainment - which is releasing gems from Canada’s musical vault since 1994, like John Baldry, Eugene Smith, Robbie Lane and the Disciples, Blackstone, Whiskey Howl; Fandango Recording takes care of the reconditioning and re-mastering of these albums. We were invited to work with, and be part of  interesting musical projects for companies like Holt Renfrew, Tim Horton and Chrysler Canada.

I only hope that the website will answer most of your questions, and it will convince you that Fandango Recording Toronto is an inspirational labor of love for music. ... Please contact me with any question you may have, I’ll be happy to share our experience and answer all your questions…Florin “Flo” Fandango.

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