2016 in review...

I can’t say 2016 was a good year on a personal level… I was unable to function for almost 2 months, due to a back crisis. So, I am hoping for a much better year, and I wish all of you the same, in health and happiness.

There were a couple of great professional moments, working with some very talented people… and I hope it was a pleasure for them and they had fun the same way I did.

When it comes to the studio, 2016 was a year of transformation. I had replaced some hardware, and, very important, I built a new workstation. It took quite some time, but I know exactly what’s in there. I built all my computers for 20 yearsnow, and this one is a beauty, a nuclear power plant. Powered by an Intel 6950k with 10 cores, with 128 GB Trident 3333MHz memory, on an Asus Deluxe II X99, it just rocks! I tried it on a large project, where I had to actually freeze a lot of tracks (it was a 170 track EDM project); It was like less than 40 percent CPU versus almost 85% before. 

I also added a second Lynx Aurora 16 to the existing one, so I can better integrate the hardware in hybrid mixing process, and they work like a charm. I am extremely confident this computer and the setup will be good for the years to come. As I am not a fan of the latest and greatest new toy, I think I am setup the way I dreamt for years, and I just want to enjoy it now.

Before I finish, I want to congratulate one of my clients, his name is Rick. Three weeks ago I got a phone call from one of his friends, who asked me to help Rick record a song in the nick of time: his mothered died, and he wanted to have the song ready for the funeral. She always asked him to record, and he neglected; and he decided to do it before the last farewell. When I met him he was emotional, and he did a great effort and pull out a great performance. It was a tour de force: he had the instrumental, we recorded the vocals, then mix and master, all the same day, as he wanted to place a CD with the song with her mom in the tombstone.

I just got called today by his friend Ron, who told me that tomorrow, after the commercials at 9 p.m., CIUT FM on 89.5 will air his song, called Sylvia’s Shine. Rick, I wish you goodluck, and I am here whenever you need a hand. 

To all of you, a very Happy and prosperous New Year!

Stay tuned,

Flo Fandango

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