Building up your music career - part 2 - …

As I said before, I have many friends that are making a very decent living having a music career. No, you won’t hear about them in mass-media, they do not belong to the stardom, but they have a fulfilling life doing what they love doing. The reality is that is not harder to make a living in music business that in other businesses, on the contrary.

What is different is the mindset: while working for a company provides you with a steady income from the same source, working in music industry forces you to make money from different sources, which is definitely more secure than having a 9 to 5 job. Just think about it: teaching an instrument - either private or in a public school, playing pubs/clubs, selling your music, working as a studio session musician, working as a producer or arranger, create music by request. It takes a while to grasp all these,  so you can manage efficiently your time and activity.

This actually increases your chances to get signed or making it big, because you really start to move within music industry, understand how it works, and be more objective when it comes to the master plan you have to pursue it.

Many musicians are basically having a regular day job, thinking that, when the moment arises, they will just do music. Well, this is not going to happen in 999 cases out of 1000! If you spend 8 hours in a regular job, you’ll be left realistically with 2-3 hours/day to take care of the music career, which is far from enough to get you where you want to be. And the chances of miracles happen are almost zero!

That leads to a clear conclusion: you have to develop a plan that builds around your music career, while providing for living. Just consider this: you can get some music students, and therefore have some flexibility in your schedule, so when an opportunity comes up and you are offered a 2 weeks tour, you can do it. That will not bring the money in right away, but you have to start touring,  and maybe at the 5th tour you will get the money, and things start to go well! In order to make money from shows, you need to start somewhere, and, with a regular job, you’ll never be able to do it. It is paramount that you spend the time required to build your music career.

One of my friends has a very good strategy: while he is a computer wizard, he plays piano pretty well, and he gigs regularly with two bands. So, he quit his day job. He still does programming work, but on a contract base, and in his terms, which allows him to dedicate the time to music whenever necessary.

No matter what your dreams are, your plan has to provide the most efficient ways to build an independent music career. I consider this to be the essence of the strategy a serious musician has to have to succeed. The more you succeed following your strategy, the more in control and demand you will be. We will discuss in details the aspects of developing an independent music career. ..

Stay tuned,

Flo Fandango

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