Building your music career - part 1...

So, you know you are up to it, and you know you want it bad. What’s next?

Like with everything else, you need to sit down and come up with a plan. First, you need to look around and see how things are happening. Think of successful musicians that are doing overall the same kind of music you’re doing. Then start research as much as you can about them – choose at least 5 of them. Do it by writing down every detail.

-        Check their biography.

-        Go to the music store, look at their CD’s, take a piece of paper, read and write down who is the producer, the A@R people, the label, the publishing company, agents, etc. Make a list with all these details.

-        Find out how these artists promoted their music with gigs, live concerts, where did they start, how often did they played live, how were their tours organized in time and geographically, who helped them, what was involved. Dismiss the bull about luck, and fancy stories, they are there just for the legend part of it, in reality things are different.

-        Check their website, look at how they’re done, make a summary of the content, look for common things between the websites of these artists you are doing the research about.

-        Make note of all the announcements, pay attention to timing.

-        Make a note about the quality of the videos and pictures from the websites, and how they support the artist’s music.

-        Do a research through all the social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, also Youtube and Vimeo. Pay attention to the way the interaction with fans is maintained.

-        Check internet for all the reviews you can find, pay attention when it comes to the people that helped the artists to get a certain sound.

This exercise has to give you a good idea of what is involved when you are where you want to get (provided of course you have the whole package), and think what the music business industry does to maintain these artists so they bring in the money. You have to start by understanding the target, before you proceed to travel this difficult road.

The second step is to try to be as objective as possible and see where you are at this point (again, if you really believe your music is outstanding and you keep working at it steady). Be cold and think of your actual image, how many fans you have, how often do you play gigs, how many people show up at gigs, and, more important, is the followers number growing at these gigs, do you have any sales, what are your connections, who is helping you, who is believing in you… basically take everything you observed at step one and assess yourself in the light of those criteria. Don’t cheat, you want the reality, so you can plan for the best scenario to further your music career.

The most essential thing is to understand that this is a journey that requires patience, commitment, work, and good attitude; definitely it’s not something that happens overnight. You have years to go, and you have to go the healthy way, to grow up during this journey. We saw too many young talents that were crashed because they could not handle the pressure exerted by the music industry; they were not prepared, all they wanted was to be on the top. And you may find in this journey that you can make a nice career in music industry that brings you satisfaction… 

Stay tuned,

Flo Fandango

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