Bulding up your music career Part 9: Local, but how?

We agreed that your marketing efforts have to focus on the local music scene, at least until you build a strong local fan base. Let’s discuss some concrete actions you should pursue:

1.     First, your marketing hub, the website, has to be competitive locally, and has to provide everything relevant to your musical activity. Keep it updated all the time, and announce the gigs. Post pictures of videos from gigs; ask friends to shoot the videos, and make sure they are of good quality. Make some editing, and make them attractive. Post some videos with interviews and excited fans reaction; also, if you go in a recording studio, make sure you use your cameras and camcorders and post material.

2.     Use social media accordingly, trying to direct the visitors to your website.

3.     It is important to connect somehow the venues that you play with your gig. The venues have their website too; talk to them, make sure they announce your gig properly. Have some photos/graphics prepared, so they post what you want and is relevant.  In return, you can make references to the venue and its website on your website.

4.     When you launch a CD, you do what you have to do. But after you sell 2-3000 of them, do a different launch, like you can announce that those who attend the gig can get your CD and included in the price is a poster, or a ticket to access some new tunes on website, the idea is to make it exclusive. Notice how the big corporations have the advertise done: learn from it, they are paying huge money hiring specialized companies, you just have to think and apply the same principles.

5.     If you didn’t do it yet, start looking for a booking agent. Look around for successful acts in the same vein, and find who their agent is. Don’t think that he doesn’t deserve the money: if he gets you good gigs, he is well justified. You also have to understand that, in order for him to book you to the best venues, you have to have the package- the press kit, the demos, the website. Everything has to scream “PROFESSIONAL!!!!”, otherwise he will have a tough time to sell your act properly.

6.     There are more and more companies that are doing “Live over internet”. Find a good one. The fans that want to come to your gig but they can’t do it that day may tune in on their computer for your show! That is income too! When you do that, make sure you advertise accordingly, if your website and posters are mentioning that, it will be an incentive also for more people to come to the gig! Just make sure you are offering a great show!

7.     There are local TV stations and you should get into their program, even if it is in the morning! It is not as hard as it looks! They are looking for acts too, as you have a fan base, they want to introduce to them their program- let’s not forget they are selling something too! So, don’t think is hard, cause is not as much time as you have something to offer.

8.     There are all kind of festivals, and you should get involved in as many as possible! That is a very good exposure to new people, do not miss the opportunity! Again, make sure you have some friends taking videos, not a bad idea to have them taking from different angles, so you can edit and do a nice video to post in website, youtube, vimeo, etc! The fans will love it, if you like a song/band, you will look at the videos of the same songs but from different shows, it’s just natural for fans.

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