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There is a history that connects music with the Olympics events… for sure, in Rio, samba is the rhythm of the Olympiad. The organizers, quite smart, take advantage of the intricate and beautiful rhythms, and you hear it every time there is a break.

 While Olympiad is a huge event, and watched all over the world, music is rather a supportive element, part of the opening and closing ceremonies. Over the years there were some great tunes and they will never be forgotten.

 Most likely the most famous of them all, at the Barcelona games, Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Caballe created one of the greatest moments of the music history - who can forget “Barcelona”?

Another exceptional song, in 1988, the megahit “One moment in time” composed by John Bettis and Albert Hammond and sung by Whitney Houston:

 At the same Olympiad – Seoul 1988 – the organizers asked legendary Giorgio Moroder to write the anthem “Hand in Hand”; not only the song is great, but, the album containing the song sold in 14 millions copies:

 What is less known, the Olympic movement founder Pierre de Coubertin actually intention was to also have an Art Competition, and that happened indeed between 1912 to 1948; it was a competition in literature, sculpture, painting and music. It wasn’t easy: there were financial hurdles in Paris and Rome, so he was able to determine IOC to do it starting with Stockholm 1912.

After 1948 IOC basically wasn’t able to organize the art competition part, and instead, a series of cultural events were organized at every Olympiad, but in the idea of entertainment, not competition.

 And here we are, in Rio 2016, the land of samba and bossa nova, the land of Antonio Carlos Jobim. I am quite sure everybody will enjoy the music, and here is the legendary encounter between Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim:

 Let’s enjoy the Olympiad and the music,

 Stay tuned,

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