Summer again ...

It’s summer again… and yes, I know I didn’t write anything for a while. I was busy, I could have done it, but it was actually a pretty hard time, an I had to deal with many issues, as my parents got to be very old… Life is life…

The good news is that I had quite some work, and that kept my thoughts away and kind of filled a void space. You have to do what you have to do… 

Lately, I’ve been reading many articles about some major changes in the music business, and I promise I’ll get back with some in depth analysis; this time however, I have somehow a more optimistic view, especially from the everyday’s musician point of view.

Until then, here area couple of pictures taken during the recording sessions:

Fandango Recording Semere 1
Fandango Recording Semere 2
Fandango Recording recording piano
Fandango Recording John Sebastian
Fandango Recording children 3
Fandango Recording before vocal take
Fandango Recording Linn
Fandango Recording Pellegrini 1
1 Fandango Recording waiting

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