The FAQ list of Fandango Recording Toronto tries to answer the questions that were asked many times by our customers. The list will be expanded in time as I get more interesting questions and I feel many people would be interested getting that answer. Please feel free to call us at 416 579 5569 for any question or suggestions you may have or email us.

How should I prepare for my first recording session?

In “The Musician Guide To Music Production” available as a free download in our website, the third chapter – "Getting prepared for recording” provides in depth explanations about the recording process and what steps you have to take to make the whole process efficient and pleasant; it also details specific preparations for each type of instrument.

What should I look for when choosing a recording studio?

What can you tell me about DIY recording?

Why are mixing and mastering so important?

Can I do the mixing and mastering myself?

Is it OK to use the same studio for mixing and mastering?

What exactly is remastering?

What exactly is a demo?

I’m looking to get a record deal. What demo do I need?

What demo do songwritters need for showcasing songs?

What demo do I need to get work in clubs and pubs?

What demo do I need for a music school or classical music contest?

Do I need to master my demo?

What songs should I use for a demo?

I need a song for a special occasion. Can I hear samples of your work?

Can you recommend session players?

Useful links for Canadian musicians and producers and not only..

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