I’m looking to get a record deal. What demo do I need?

You have to have three things: you must have really good music, you must look like you will bring in the money and you must have a professional demo package. Part of this package is the demo CD, and it is this CD that A&R guys will listen and it may be the only time when they listen to your music! You better have great original songs and an original sound! The record labels will show interest in your music to the extent as whether they can sell it or not. The demo should have three songs, not more or less, this is the industry standard, show that you know and play by the rules!

The best song should be the first one- your demo gets evaluated in the first 30 seconds, make sure the special thing about your music can be heard right from the beginning! I know a demo is not cheap, but remember: you get what you pay for!!! A demo is not a big price to pay if it gets you signed to a label! It may be tempting to do the demo at home, with your computer, or with a minimal set up, but that will give you a demo that is not in the same league with the professional demos. If you’re serious about being an artist, you have to do everything right from the beginning. 

The harsh reality is that your competition is out there, it’s the artists that are already on the radio and are playing the big venues! So you better think twice if you want to send something of a lower quality that can compromise the chance of getting people to pay attention when you have something great to show.

One more thing: read music business books, check the internet and find out how you want to present yourself to the record labels- there is a whole package, the demo CD is a big part of it, but there are other important parts! And don’t forget to come back from time to time and read our blog, as it debates different aspects of the music business.

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