What demo do I need to get work in clubs and pubs?

You definitely need a demo CD for the booking agents, club and pub managers. It may be a good idea to record a live performance and then select the best moments (snippets). A club manager will be more interested on how well your band can play live and the act ability to entertain!

If you have some studio demos, that’s OK, but I would recommend adding at least one song recorded live. You may even think of a video, but a CD is the best idea, just because most of the places have a CD player! You can have it recorded out of the console (a live to two tracks), or hire somebody to do it professionally, as a multi-track recording and then do the mixing in the studio. Another way is to go in the studio, set up the gear as you play live and play and have it recorded, and then you can remix if so you wish.

If you’re a singer/songwriter looking to get gigs in clubs/coffee shops/etc, you can either have it recorded live or in a studio or even at home, but if it doesn’t sound right, check at least with a studio and see what can be done to improve it!    

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