What demo do songwritters need for showcasing songs?

These demos do not need to be overproduced, with full orchestra! A good rhythm track and a great vocal or even better a simple guitar/bass/drums foundation with vocals could be all you need! Try to match the gender and style of the vocalist with the gender and style of the artist you want to pitch to! The lead vocal is very important for song pitches! You need a great performance, not flat notes!

Sell the song! Try to have the "hook" of the song heard as soon as possible, forget about that guitar or drums solo! While these demos should not be overproduced, vocal correction (pitch especially!) is mandatory!

You may record the tracks at home – see DYI chapter in “The Musician Guide to Music Production”- try to record the vocal and do the mixes yourself! A better option is to have the vocals and the mixing done into a recording studio, which has better recording equipment/ monitors/ controlled acoustic environment/ tools of the trade!

If you are a songwriter but you don't play an instrument or are not a decent singer, have a studio doing the demo song for you, either locally or using an online demo service studio.   

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