August 2018

Summer is good, and I had quite a great time with some interesting projects. In fact, the whole spring of 2018 was a hectic one, I’ve been busy and I have to confess I kind of neglected the posting on the website. Beside some great artists, big and small - see pictures - I had the pleasure on working on some interesting mixes and produce songs, I did get into the habit of using all kind of effects- and therefore you know it- going into a shopping spree for effects. 

Girl recording at Fandango Recording

But I am really excited, as they are great, and it pushes you to experiment: Boonar Drawner (Binson Echorec copy), Rototron, Skreddy P19, Cali76, Empress Echosystem and many others. I will publish an article in my blog, I think many of the young producers can benefit using external pedals to spice up their track made with software instruments or samples.

Waiting for recording


Dec 25

We wish everybody Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New and Musical Year! Don’t think that, if you’re not doing music that doesn’t apply to you, because music is all around us! All the best and have a great 2018!

Dec 20

I had a couple of recording sessions with Jason Lavers’s band Urban Jive, a quite large band with drums, bass, guitar sax, keys, 4 vocalists. What I liked the most is when everybody plays live, it’s always different.

Drums and Bass recording
Drums set up 2 at Fandango Recording
Keyboard & Emily
Sax alto recording
Recording guitar
Vocal Justine

Nov 2017

Usually at the end of the year everybody in the recording business is looking around as this is a good time for investing. No exceptions here, at Fandango. It was a very good time to get to upgrade some of the software and try some new one. Black Friday had a couple of deals I couldn’t pass, so I bought a couple of UAD plugins - Chandler Zener, Ocean Way, Vertigo VSC-2 and AMS 16 reverb, then a great limiter- DMG Limitless. But I am actually blown away by a couple of Acustica pieces of software- the Acqua plugins: Ivory 3, Aquamarine 3, Amber, Gold, Pink and White. They’re fantastic; the guys from Acustica developed a way of recording impulses - they call it Voltera Kernel Technology, sounds pretty sophisticated!

Despite the fact that they are extremely CPU hungry (and I run a 6950K Intel!), and therefore they won’t be very useful for mixing, (at least I can’t use tons of them) they are actually a fantastic addition to my mastering hardware (Chandler Curve Bender, Portico MBP, Thermionik Mastering Compressor, API2500, Millenia NSEQ, Avalon 737, etc). I was pretty close to buy the Masselec EQ, but then I have compared it with the Ivory, and it was easy to decide!

So, what I am trying to say here? Well, the advance in computing power doesn’t open the doors of AI only, but opens the doors for very sophisticated pieces of software capable of providing a fantastic quality! That’s all!

June 2017

This spring was a late one, but a very busy one. Just a few weeks ago I have produced a song for Gilmaro, a Toronto singer/songwriter. The song is a celebration of Canada 150, called Long Live Canada and he started to promote it. The song is doing extremely well, it got in Top 10 Reverbnation, and got some serious radio play. For those interested, please visit and listen to the song! I won’t be surprised to hear it on July 1st all over!

February 2017

There is no time to fall asleep here… it was quite a year end, both with projects and also upgrades to the studio… 

I welcomed back Vic Goldman from Pacemaker, with some interesting restoration projects - Mainline and Mckeena Blues - which will be released pretty soon, check the Pacemaker website.

I also worked on a very interesting project, a trio: vocal, piano and acoustic guitar, it was quite something, the singer- Judith, well, she’s unbelievable, you’ll hear more about her in the future. 

The upgrades were pretty exciting: the addition of another Lynx Aurora, which brings to party additional 16 INS and OUTS of Analog/Digital and Digital/Analog mastering grade conversion, and a very interesting unit, the Overstayer Saturator, great for adding harmonics, distortion, analog sheen, fantastic when it comes to help the soft synths. I have quite some great hardware synths (Moog, Obie, Dave Smith, Access, Kerzveil etc), but the soft synths came a long way, some of them are absolutely great, like Spectrasonics, Dune, Sylenth, Nexus, KV331, Z3TA, Arturia V5, etc… and adding some analog flavor with Overstayerand Eventide 7600 or some interesting pedals opens up new world of possibilities…

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