December – Good to be back... the studio feels great. So much more space, all tidy and organized, fantastic! Check our video which gives you a pretty good idea about the huge transformation the studio underwent. The feedback I am getting from customers is tremendous. Between the projects I am working on, one is completely outstanding and I feel honored to be the one working on it: it is the first CD of the band the Toronto great guitar player and musician Dan Ionescu put together, band called Dansband. The album is a very deep and emotional exploration of the original forms of the South American music, very different than anything else I heard out there. I’ll keep you posted.

October – Finally, everything is in place, and everything is tested. The acoustic tests were performed using FuzzMeasure, with an Earthworks QTC40 into the Millenia preamp. and I decided to further improve the acoustics with a couple of 9 and 12” broadband absorbers and bass traps. Afterwards, new measurements were performed and I am extremely happy with the results. Suffice to say that, at the listening position, with a spread of 6” all directions, the frequency response with 1/48 smoothing average shows the response is within +3/-2 dB versus the ideal linear graph determined by Bruel&Kjaer (slope upward 6dB from 20 Hz to 20 KHz). 

August – Things are going well, but there are delays… which is normal, there are so many details you have to take care of…The furniture is ready, and the patchbays are soldered… the separation of power and audio lines is excellent, so now the things are starting to come together.

June - The new equipment is in: Bricasti M7, Eventide H7600, Chandler Curve Bender, API 2500 and 5500, Neve Portico MBP, Avalon SP 747, SPL Vitalizer tube. The hard part starts now, putting all together, soldering the parchbays, etc.

May- I finally decided to proceed with a major overhaul of the studio. That includes changing windows, changing floors, changing furniture, a completely new custom made desk, changing all wiring and patchbays with mastering grade ones, and a major equipment additions/update. It’s getting really exciting, as now I finally have everything I need to reach the same level of quality as the big studios.

January - So, here we are... after a great holiday- Happy New Year to all of you- a good start working with Dion, finishing a couple of audio restoration projects, working on some great reggae tunes for an upcoming CD.

Right in the beginning of January a pretty large lounge was added to the studio.

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