As in the previous years, Fandango Recording offers Gift Certificates to celebrate the Holiday Season! We can’t think of a better gift for the loved ones and for your friends who sing or play music! The Gift Certificates are great deals, these are actually the only deals Fandango Recording offers during the year.

They can be used for recording, mixing, mastering or music production. As an example, the 5 hours gift certificte can be applied for recording vocals over an instrumental stereo track, or a beat, edit the vocals, mix and master both for CD, or mp3 or for iTunes. They are to be used in 2015 at any time. 

There are 3 types of gift certificates:

- The “Silver Bells Certificate” offers 3 hours for the price of 2.5 hours (150 dollars).

- The White Christmas Certificate” offers 5 hours for the price of 4 hours (240 dollars).

- The “Jingle Bells Certificate” offers 10 hours for the price of 7.5 hours (450 dollars).

You can pay for the certificates either by cheque, credit card through paypal or cash.For paypal payments, please use florinb@fandangorecording.com. Please specify your name and the name of the ones who gets the gift, so we can personalize the certificate. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question you may have or for details.

November 4

We are looking for two voices! Here is the deal: we signed a contract for writing and producing the music for a documentary film which will be aired in April 2015! The documentary is extremely interesting, it will reach a wide audience; as per contractual terms we can’t disclose the subject, however, we can tell you the subject is very controversial and there is a lot of interest around it for the young generation! 

There will be one song that will be like the leitmotif, and we are looking for a voice with a strong personality!  Also, we are looking for a hip-hop artist for the final song of the documentary film. I have high hopes; yes, I can go and hire pro singers, but I want to give it a try with somebody unknown and I am looking forward to it. Both males and females are accepted. Only unsigned artists are accepted.

If interested, you will need to send in a demo of your voice. It doesn’t have to be a professional production, even a simple recording will do it. While I hate the low quality of mp3’s, I will accept them in this case, but if you have something like a wave or aiff or CD track, please do not convert it to mp3’s, just drop it as it is in the dropbox - see below.

Please contact me through the contact page; I will send you an invitation to a dropbox, join it and put there a sample of your voice singing. Also make sure you leave a contact besides the email, preferably a phone number. This offer is open until the end of November, as the plan is to record the vocals mid December. Flo Fandango

October 15

In between projects, I lost my friend Coby… I know, he was just a dog, but I was attached deeply to him. He was an abused dog, and I hope he did enjoy his life being with me. He witnessed so many sessions and sat there, on the couch, long hours while I was working. Many of my customers loved him, he was so friendly with everybody. He will be missed a lot, both by me, and his other fur friend, Marco.


September 6

Saturday September 6th, 2014 the International Music Software Trade Association - IMSTA, the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University and the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) partnered to host IMSTA FESTA, a celebration of music technology. So, I took the oppertunity to spend a couple of hours attending IMSTA, meeting some friends and attend some very interesting seminaries. I met John Harris, from Harris Institute, most likely the best school for Audio Engineering;he was kind enough to invite me in the last couple of years to be part of the jury that judged the final project of their students. I also met Emil, my very good friend from Ottawa, who came specially for this event, as he is a SOCAN member and composes music.

 The most interesting seminar was definitely the one held ny legendary Young Guru, who produced 10 out of the 11 Jay-Z albums. A couple of ideas from his presentation: what’s really important in music is what moves people; selling music is a service; people skills is the most important, as it allows you to understand what your customers want; today everything is globalized, no more gate keeprs, or the gate keepers are people like Steve Jobs that control the distribution and make the profit, but they have nothing in common with music; computer companies take over music business; steaming is the future of music distribution.

He also discussed at length about mixing and what makes a great mix, and it was nice to get his perspective on this matter; let’s not forget that he was the one who jumped in computerized mixing (right when Pro Tools came out).

All in all an interesting day and I advice all artists to get involved as much as they can in this shows and attend seminaries, where you can get a lot of interesting info. Even better, you may be able to increase your network, give your music to the profession people that attend these shows.

August 23 

Between some restorations from 78” vinyls for Maury Fergusson, a new song for Dion and the production of two songs for Glenn Cowley from Vancouver, I got to sit down with a friend of mine who came and visited the studio - Doug McClement from Livewireremote It was really nice, as Doug has so many stories up his sleeves, fantastic knowledge about the music business and he shared some stories, starting with his impressions about the Soci winter Olympiad, where his Livewireremote was hired, to the last PBS show with Brian Adams he just recorded a few days ago. What I like a lot about Doug beside his experience is the effort he puts in with John Harris at Harris Institute to educate the new wave of professionals for the music business; I know it very well, as I’ve been invited to be part of the jury that evaluates the final project of the graduates. It is great to see and have places where you can learn properly about music business, what it takes and how to do it. I just wish I had this opportunity when I was in my 20’s.

A few days ago I went to Mezzetta Caffe  to the “Ginga”’ Dansband CD launch party. It was a great night, the performance was top notch, the atmosphere was great and there were also a couple of nice and personal touches that made this party an unforgettable one. 

July 17 - The Dansband's album “Ginga" is finalized and it came out from the print house the same day Dansband had a great show in front of a large audience at Edward Gardens. The CD launch party will be sometimes in August, I’ll keep you posted; I know the place will be Mezzetta on St. Clair, Toronto. Below there are a couple of pictures from the Edward Garden Event.


July 8- Brazil lost to Germany! No luck there, so back to music! The Dansband album called “Ginga” is finished and it was sent to the printing house. The album is beautiful, everybody is exhausted, but it is well worth it. I’ll keep you posted!

June – Dansbands’ recordings are coming to a close, and mixing and mastering will follow. I know this much: this is an album many people will be talking about! Meanwhile, Dion recorded two more songs, and he brought in a great singer. Steve Shorter is coming back in the studio for his next CD; he also has a beautiful custom made classical guitar that sounds gorgeous and I am looking forward to the outcome of the CD!

Things are getting hot now! And to top them all, the soccer World Cup started and I confess I am a huge Brazil fan! Actually, this started 44 years ago, when Brazil won the World Cup in 1970 in Mexico! Why do I like them? Well, that’s easy: because they are the artists of this beautiful game, their creativity and the magic they bring to the table are fantastic! And no, my background is not Brazilian. I’m from Europe!  

May – Welcome back, Hammish! The talented rapper is coming back for some more songs and he trusted us with the whole production of his new EP!

April – Last night I had one of the best moments of my life: I recorded one of the most fantastic performances on acoustic guitar ever. The song is Dan Ionescu’s arrangement for two acoustic guitars of a song called Rosa written by Alfredo da Rocha Viana, Jr., better known as Pixinguinha from Brasil. Pixinguinha is known as the father of the choros, but, after his death, the family found this composition that was never played between his papers. The song is a beautiful waltz, and the emotion, performance and tone are completely unique. The guitars used were a Hill Herman Hauser and a Cervantes Escondido. I will keep you posted, as soon as the CD will be released (scheduled for end of August as of now). From time to time, very rare, something extremely special and unique comes along; the Dan’s Dansband CD is one of these rare things!

January – Another interesting album we just start working on is “The Oneiric Project” of Michael Cozma of Brussels –Belgium. The album - an introspection into the mind journey over one day period (is it maybe J. Joyce’s Ulysses’ model?) is very interesting, as it is pursuing a vast array of sounds and gets inspiration from many music styles. The planned launch of the Album is early fall 2014.

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