There are just a couple of days until the new year kiks in…  So I would to thank to all my friends and clients, and wish you and your loved ones a great New Year, with luck and a very good time!

It is again that time of the year, and we continue our tradition of offering Gift Certificates to celebrate the Holiday Season! Ww know a “ Fandango Recording Holiday Certificate” for the loved ones and for your friends who sing or play music would be a great gift abd they will definitely appreciate it! The Gift Certificates are great deals, these are actually the only deals Fandango Recording offers during the year.

They can be used for recording, mixing, mastering or music production. The hours included can be used for recording vocals over an instrumental stereo track, or making a beat or arrangement, , for recording a band or solo artist, for mixing and mastering. They are to be used in 2015 at any time. 

There are 3 types of gift certificates:

- The “Silver Bells Certificate” offers 5 hours for the price of 4 hours - 200 dollars certificate.

- The White Christmas Certificate” offers 8 hours for the price of 6 hours - 300 dollars certificate.

- The “Jingle Bells Certificate” offers 12 hours for the price of 9 hours (450 dollars).

You can pay for the certificates either by cheque, credit card through paypal or cash. For paypal payments, please use florinb@fandangorecording.com. Please specify your name and the name of the ones who gets the gift, so we can personalize the certificate. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question you may have or for more details.


It was long due to repair the Akai MPC, so finallyI got to do it… also, itwas a struggle everytime I had to use the synths, and, I as expanded the collection with a Dave Smith Pro 2 and  VERMONA MK III, I had to think at a practical way, both ergonomically and easy accessibility. The Akai is great now, I replaced the pads, they fill great, and yes, for those who have an idea about it, you want to close the 1 mm gap, for increased sensitivity! You can find all kind of info on internet, most people are using cork, I wasn’t really happy with it, and I used a thicker tape with self adhesive. The result is great, much better than cork.

I didn’t get to spend too much time yet with the Dave Smith Pro 2, but, in a couple of hours it really impressed me, and it does great together with the Moog, i did a couple of sketches… great!


26 - Over the weekend I had the pleasure of recording a great voice for a video promotion. Semere, a former customer of mine is producing the song, and the vocalist is Cristina… great voice, great tone and dynamics, and it worked extremely well using a Lawson with a U47 capsule, through a Martech MSS10 and my trusted Tube-Tech CL-1B. Sometimes is a challenge to record a very dynamic voice, you need really great tools, but this was not the first time… this combination is a trusted one and worked wonders with extremely dynamic vocals, it served me very well also with opera singers. A few words about Cristina: it is the first time I worked with her, and I think she’s really great, first, because she has a great voice, and second, she has a great attitude, being professional in everything she did, and understanding that the song is what really counts. The piano acompaniment was done by Geitza. I wish Cristina luck in everything she does!

20 - I can’t believe it’s September, and I need to impose to myself to keep up and post news more often… but man, it was busy lately…. Hamish Gannett, Raul Dudnic, Kion, Steve Shorter, some challenging restoration from shelac from 1939 (and a very emotional one), many mixes and masterings… rock and hip hop, classical guitar, jazz, you name it… a hot summer. I finally can say that I feel confident after the major overhaul of the studio, and I enjoy more and more the hybrid approach when mixing… it opens more and interesting possibilities. Even Kiki would agree…


The studio was closed for almost three weeks, as I had to travel in Europe. I had the pleasure to meet my former bandmate - Tom, and many other musicians. I would mention here Horea Crisovan, an excellent guitar player. He released not long ago an acoutic guitar album called “My Real Trip” in which he has as guest in one of his songs Vladko Stepanovski, a famous guitar player from Macedonia, and one of the best players in the world. Check out Horea Crisovan on youtube, you’ll like it…

Nice time with Horea Crisovan

Also, here is a photo of my former drummer and best friend… he seems that he’s thinking, but who knows?

What is Tom thinking about?


Holidays are gone and a new year just started… I want to take this opportunity to thank to all my friends and customers and wish them a great New Year, many successes and many opportunities! During the Holidays I took advantage of some of the sales and I can offer a  better and improved collection of sounds that belong to some of the best libraries available: 8dio and Toontrack.

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