May 31

Between projects with Dion, Jack, Abel and Carrie and Artie’s group, I had the opportunity to go and see David Gilmour… the only great bands I didn’t see were Zeppelin and Pink Floyd (however, I saw Plant and Page)… this guy can play at 70!  And then, Prince… my friends know that Prince, Miles and Paco de lucia are the ones on the front page in my book! It doesn’t matter how he died, it won’t change the fact Prince was THE Prince in music! I guess all that’s left for us is to celebrate his life by continuing to do music and aspire to be the best we can! RIP Prince.

March 28

Lately it’s been very busy here, with projects from Valery, Dion, Dana Ross and, after quite some years, it was good to see and work again with Jim Pellegrini on his new CD

January 2016

Here we are, a new year, nice warm weather, resolutions… so I got an idea to start the year somehow different: with a CONTEST! It’s not a complicated one: every month I will be offering to master a song for free, which will include also a couple of internet formats. 

I know many of you are doing songs, but lack the means to have the song polished. So here is a chance to make it happen. The contest is absolutely free. All you have to do is to contact me at studio@fandangorecording.com, with your name, contact, and a few words about the song.

I will draw every beginning of the months a name. The winner will have to send me the mix- and he will get the final master within a week. So, you have nothing to loose and you can start entering the contest right now by contacting Fandango Recording!

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