Online Mastering preparation


Fandango Recording Toronto offers exceptional online mastering at affordable prices.

Pricing - guidelines:

- 600 dollars* per album for audio mastering up to 12 songs; additional songs $70 dollars*. If additional master for vinyl is requested at the time of CD mastering (ot the other way around), a $150* per album will apply (there is additional processing required).

- 60 dollars*/song for separate songs. 

- iTunes mastered files or masters for internet distribution at the same time of the CD/EP or singles, there will be 15 dollars* charge additionally per song; if requested at a later date, the regular rates apply.

- DDP will be provided by request at additional cost of 30 dollars*.

*All prices in Canadian dollars.

Mastering preparation:

- Please send only WAV or AIFF mixing files, 16 or 24 bit, at sample rates of 4,1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz. Do not change the samples or the resolution of the mix.

- Leave some space at the beginning and end of song, so we can take the footprint of noise for cleaning if required. Ideally they should peak at -6dB.

- Have the files clearly named; send them together with a written file where you have to let us know all the details - order of songs, ISRC codes; I recommend to read about mastering preparation in the free ebook “The Musician Guide To Music Production” available for download - last chapter - “Mastering”, where you can get all the details explained.

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