Online Mixing preparation


Fandango Recording Toronto offers professional grade online mixing.

Pricing - guidelines: 

- for less than 6 tracks: from 100 to 150 dollars/song*.

- 6 to 16 tracks: from 150 to 300 dollars/song*.

- 16 to 24 tracks: from 300 to 400 dollars/song*.

-24 to 48 tracks: from 400 to 600 dollars/song*.

* All prices in Canadian dollars.

Mixing preparation:

- Please send only WAV or AIFF files, 16 or 24 bit, at sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz.

- All the tracks have to be bounced from the starting point of the song and have the same duration, regardless of where the information on the file is. That ensures that everything is lined up. All the tracks have to have the same bit depth and sample rate.

- Tracks have to clearly named- labeled. Please make sure there is enough headroom and no clipping.

- We accept only audio files, so please bounce any virtual instruments. We do not accept DAW sessions (like Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sequoia).

- Please make sure that the tracks do not share different sounds (like guitars together with synths), as that creates problems in getting a good mix. An exception would be the stereo tracks of backing vocals if you have recorded more than one singer at the time and commited to tape.

- Please supply the files without effects or reverbs; if however you are looking for a certain sound, send us both the track with effect and the dry track. Please name the tracks clearly. Same tracks dry or wet will not add to the count of tracks. Make detailed notes and send them together with the files.

- Drum replacement if required, pitch correction and session editing/ cleaning is included in the mixing process; however, you need to specify your requirements regarding the aforementioned processes.

- Attach a file with as much information as you can in regards to the mix and the sound expectations. Also, it would be a really good idea if you send us some reference songs (in the vein of the music you are doing) that you like so I have a better idea of what you expect.

- We will make a judgement call if the mix has to be exported digitally or to tape then back in digital. We will not send the mix on tapes, but we will go through this process if we feel it is beneficial for the song. If you feel strongly about this option, let us know from the beginning. 

- When the mix is done, we will provide a limited mix file at 16 bit/44.1 kHz, so the mix level is more in line with the commercial releases; you can burn it on a CD or change to mp3 and listen. This will serve as a base for the mix revision. You will have two - three days to send your observations (like: "I need the vocal more upfront", "I need the solo guitar level up", “I want more reverb on the vocal”, or any other observations you may have). Do not limit yourself on listening to a single playing device, listen in a couple of them, like home stereo, car, boombox, computer speakers, headphones and write down every time your observations. It’s useful to have as much details as possible in the initial file you send to us, and some commercial sample files. 

- At the end, the mixes will be provided at normal mix levels, not limited or compressed, and at the original sample and bit depth. They will be ready for mastering. If you so require, we can provide also each track with all the editing/processing/panning/levels printed,  such manner as if you put them into a DAW it will be exactly the mix you’re getting. The cost of it is $5 / track*.

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