Online Music Production

Fandango Recording Toronto offer professional online services of music production like demos and songs over net or custom beats online. Many musicians are living in places where access to a recording studio is difficult, too expensive or the studios lacks the experience of offering these product. Working with musicians of a very divers background, we gathered experience in many musical styles, from the latin music of South America, to the African percussion based music, and from the Western music to the various forms of Asian music.

We concentrate in two areas of online music production: the Demo/song production and the Custom beats production. We can provide both a full product, or use some of the parts you may have recorded and finish the song.

Fandango Recording is not in the promotion business; we do not have the time to do it. We provide high-quality work, but we can not guarantee you will get signed with the demo songs. Getting signed today is very hard; years ago you could go into an A&R or a publisher office and eventually play your song to people on an upright piano or guitar. The guy who listened to you could imagine how the finished song would be. Today, these people who are supposed to be smart musically want to hear an arranged master demo. The odds of getting heard are very much against you; it's like playing lottery. You can have a much better chance if you independently produce your album, promote yourself, get reviews and radio play and sell your music.

My advice is to constantly listen to the top radio stations from your country, to the songs making money today, and if you believe that your songs are as good as what you hear, than you are ready to try to get your songs out with good chances of success. Understand that big names are making records that do not sell, because the songs are not good enough, and do not be frustrated with the rejection. You will be better with any new song you’re writing, and, if you’re not capable of handling the rejection, you may be in the wrong business. If you’re convinced that you write good songs keep writing and try to showcase the songs as often as possible. Try to get as much critique as possible from the industry professionals, get involved in songwriting contests, look for permanent feedback and build connections.

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