Online Custom Beats Production


Fandango Recording Toronto offers online custom beats production. This is a very popular form of modern music, as so many are diving into it, because at its most basic level, allows the communication between people, and, more important, allows people be heard.

On the Beat production page, you will find most of the info you need. I have decided to offer this service online because I found fascinating that despite the theoretical limitations of the beat drum pattern, the overall beats I heard from all over the world show a huge pallete of sounds and feelings. Not only that, but these songs bring to the table what is specific sound wise for a music culture, while allowing everybody to be part of it, as the drum patterns are a kind of common denominator.

This service is not to be confused with buying a beat from internet: we are doing custom beats for your song structure, with the particularities you are requesting, and you have the copyright. They are not sold to anybody else period. They are made to fit the structure of your vocals, and we bring into equation the specific instruments from your culture or area if you so desire.

 Please Contact us with your questions and requests and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

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