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Fandango Recording Toronto helps singer and songwriters world-wide to get a top quality professional demo. As a lyricist or singer/songwriter who either is starting up or is an accomplished musician, you need a demo to showcase your song, but you may not know how to play an instrument. Unlike a performing musician (band, solo act, etc) who needs a demo of their performing act, you want to have a professional sounding version of your song that can be demonstrated to others, so you can better promote your song.  

You have to send us what you have - lyrics, melody, a rough demo, a sketch of the song - and we will put all together. It would be a very good idea for you to send songs with examples of grooves, style and sounds you’d like to have, so we can do something close to what you have in mind. Fandango can take a project from scratch and make a finished product: you can send us a fully written song, a vocal recording only of the melody (the verse, chorus and bridges) or just the lyrics (and we’ll write original music specifically for them). We can take a simple vocal recording, create the harmony and build an arrangement. The final product you get will be all the instrumental tracks either separate (if you want to do the mixing and mastering somewhere else), or a professionally mixed and mastered songwriter demo, with the same quality like any commercial release.

We can do many types of music demo: pop, rock, country, progressive, R&B, hip-hop, blues, adult contemporary, reggae, latin, and we guarantee you will like the outcome. You can copyright the song; in fact we recommend it, as registration will establish “standing” in a court action, so it is needed for you to pursue infringers in court. Non-US citizens are allowed to register their works in the US if they chose. You are welcome to do that, and it may be beneficial in gaining access to the US courts.

We can do the production with almost every instrument you can think of, and have either a male or female vocalist. We offer basically three packages (either separate tracks or final song mix and mastered):

- Basic package: instrument and vocal. The instrument will be most likely acoustic guitar or piano.

- Regular package: consisting of guitar (or keys), bass and drums, with or without vocals. It sounds like the typical four-person band, which works for most of the songs of all genres.

- Professional package: this is the typical full-sounding production of a professional demo, with bass, drums, percussion, guitars and keys, with or without vocals.

The Regular and Professional packages are delivered with or without vocals, as some want to record the vocals themselves. For those of you close enough to us, we can help you with the recording, otherwise you can go to a local studio in your area and have the vocals completed. For each of the above packages, you can request to add things like backing vocals, strings, symphonic sounds, woodwinds, brass, double reed, ethnic instruments, or any other instruments you can think of. We collaborate with many musicians/singers, we have the best sample libraries and we can record vocals in many other languages, like French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese, and many others - contact us for more details.

The waiting time for demo is between three to six weeks, depending on the current studio work load. If you have a specific deadline, call us and we will try to accommodate. At the end of the process, you will get the songs arranged and produced as per your request. If you order a demo with vocals, you will receive also just the instrumental stereo track of the song. If you need a lead sheet (the song written down on paper, with the melody line, the lyrics and the chords) we can provide it, but usually it is not necessary. Most major publishers still want lead sheet for their song catalog, but they usually pay for it.

 Please email us your questions and requests and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

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