Online Sound Restoration


Fandango Recording Toronto offers online sound restoration and enhancement and forensic audio. These services are limited to digital files, so, in case your audio is on a tape, you will need to transfer it locally. You also have the option to mail it to Fandango Recording, so we do the transfer.

Unlike mixing and mastering online, we need to hear the material before we offer a quote because the extent of details needed is higher. The reason is simple: some audio requires only advanced cleaning - like removing noise and static, removing clicks, and increase intelligibility. But when it comes to removing certain random noises – like cars, construction noises, doors being shut, etc, manual removal using a spectrogram and a spectral repair is needed, and this is a slower and more expensive process.  

Please contact us and we will send you a link to upload the file. Once we listen to the audio source, we can offer a more precise estimate. We will also specify in the quote with high accuracy if there will be areas where restoration is impossible (because sometimes it is). Fandango Recording Toronto guarantees the absolute confidentiality of the materials sent to us either for quote or work purposes. After the quote is offered and/or after the restoration job is performed, Fandango Recording delivers the product to the customer and deletes any copy of it after the confirmation of receiving the material. Please take care of your files, as we will not deliver copies of it, due to deletion after the work is finalized.

If accepted, full payment before proceeding to do the job is required. In case the final product has to be delivered on a CD/DVD, aside of the file transfer, we will provide the hard copy through the carrier of your choice.

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