Fandango Recording Toronto provides professional services of music production, recording, mixing, mastering, sound and audio restoration and video transfer.

Music production: Fandango Recording Toronto provides full music production services for singers and songwriters, both pro and amateurs, so they can have the song radio ready or use it for a professional demo. We produce radio ready custom beats for R&B and hip-hop artists, and we are also providing music for advertising industry, radio/TV and film industry.

We are producing songs for a special occasions, like wedding, celebrations or for a special person or special event; we write it from scratch, including vocals, you just have to indicate to us the style of the song you would like, and give us the story for the song, so we can do the lyrics if you do not have them.

Recording: Fandango Recording offers multitrack recording in the studio, voice overs and ADR and multi-track recording on location. With two tracking rooms, Fandango Recording can easily accommodate a band. We are also providing multi-track  recording on location for classical, jazz and choir music exclusively.

Mixing: Mixing is the process of putting everything together and getting a great balance, frequency range, panorama, dimension, dynamics and interest. Fandango Recording Toronto performs a hybrid mixing process, using a blend of esoteric / state of the art analog and digital equipment. The monitoring system is exceptional and the control room is acoustically balanced. Both the hardware and the software are the very best and famous in the industry- see equipment.

Mastering: Fandango Recording Toronto provides high resolution audio mastering services. The songs are polished, enhanced and prepared for commercial purposes, for CD’s, vinyl or for the new generation of listening devices. We are also re-mastering old material, like old tapes and vinyl, in which case, we are doing a cleaning and restoration of the old sources first, then re-master to make the songs sound properly in today’s listening devices.

Sound restoration and forensic audio: Fandango Recording provides restoration of old sound sources- tapes (reel to reel with 3 3/4" (9 cm) and 7 1/2 (19 cm) speeds), cassettes, LP's (33, 45 and 78's) and transfer from various sources to CD or different format files: .WAV, .AIFF, MP3. Forensic audio for surveillance recordings (tapes or digital), taped police interrogations, voice mails, wiretaps, mini voice recorders, body wires, telephone conversations, speeches, interviews and lectures, and many others.

Video Transfer: Fandango Recording Toronto offers video transfer from the old format tapes- like video 8, HI8, VHS, etc to digital format or the formats of the Internet age.


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