Demo and Song Production


Fandango Recording Toronto offers music production services for songs and demos in almost any style of music: pop, rock, country, progressive, R&B, hip-hop, blues, adult contemporary, reggae, Latin. Many people that usually are not performers, like songwriters and lyricists, who want to get their song in movies, TV shows, commercial spots or just pitch to famous artists, or just people that need a song for a special occasion, like a wedding or anniversary, can benefit from the experience Fandango Recording has to offer. Listen to some samples in the Music production samples section.

There are a couple of options on how you produce the song, like hiring a band and renting a studio for a day, or hiring a producer with experience, who has a recording studio and possibilities to produce the song properly, usually this option being the most  affordable. You can also produce it via Internet through collaboration with different musicians; each option has pro and cons.

The starting point for a song can be a simple melodic line, a rough sketch of the song. From here, we create a guiding track, which can be a recording of you playing an instrument and singing; we can also take care of the chord progression if you do not play an instrument.

The next step is building an arrangement in the style you like, with bass, drums, guitars, keys, reeds, or any other instrument you are looking to have in the song. The song will have a structure that is typical for the style of music you want your song to be made. You can definitely provide the vocals or any instrument you want to play. At this stage, I will use both professional musicians and our high-end collection of available instruments and sound libraries. The final step will be the vocal recording, which can be either you, or a professional singer.

You will be part of the whole process, providing your input and approving at every step. No matter the way the project goes, you own all of the copyrights of the recording, you can sell, publish or reproduce your song without our consent. Once all the tracks are in place, we can do the mixing and mastering here, at Fandango Recording, or get the separate tracks and take them for mixing and mastering to a studio of your choice.  

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