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Fandango Recording Toronto provides professional tracks and loops by request in any style, geared toward gaming industry, promotion and film – both feature and documentary, and internet applications- like music for websites, for youtube and vimeo movies.

Music plays an integral role in multimedia serving many functions, as it connects disparate events, conveys emotion, heightens tension, provides continuity or breaks the action, alters the mood and the feelings of the listener. Music is the glue that makes possible a desired flow in the atmosphere of your project, contributing to the continuous control of the listener toward a final act that can be a sale, pure entertainment, educational purpose, for arousal and focusing or for a cue for memory, called leitmotiv.

Fandango Recording has the capability to offer music and arrangements in any style, and with any possible sounds. Aside exceptional sounding instruments like guitars, basses, synths, Fandango has an impressive amount of sound libraries of the finest possible quality, covering all musical instruments, from traditional (bass, drums, percussion, synths and keys) to classical and ethnic from all over the world.

When you order the music, you will have the option of getting the exclusive use of it and the royalty of the music, or just lease it and have exclusivity for a limited period of time.

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