Video Transfer


Fandango Recording Toronto offers video transfer from the old format tapes- like video 8, HI8, VHS, etc to digital formats or the formats of the Internet age.

Many people have videotapes which are ageing somewhere in the house, with movies of birthdays, school shows, child’s first steps, vacation, and so on. They deteriorate in time, due to heat, cold, humidity and improper storage, and the image quality decreases steady.

Transferring these videos to digital formats you can stop the deterioration; also, I bet you camera or VCR are somewhere in the storage and you never get to look at them. By transferring to digital, you can get to see them or show them to family and friends.

You can also use a video editor, they are widely available, and extremely easy to use, so you can make your own movies, editing the boring scenes, putting comments, add music or narration. You can also make copies for your family members or friends.

Fandango Recording can help you with the trasnfer of these old videos. We can also do video enhancement to a certain extent, to compensate for the loss in clarity of videos.

For more details and questions you may have, pelase contact us at your convenience.

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