The Studio

Fandango Recording Toronto studio was designed first and foremost to provide comfort and excellent acoustics for recording, mixing and mastering, and to have a vibe based on a warm and cozy atmosphere. Our acoustically treated rooms are designed to complement each other and a multi-cue monitoring system is available so each musician can individually control the mixing of what they hear in their headphones.

The control room acoustics are exceptional, with a state of the art monitoring system so we can deliver the right mixing and mastering for your project. Fandango Recording Toronto employs a hybrid analog digital approach for mixing and mastering using exclusively esoteric and high-end equipmentThe quality of the audio path is outstanding, as we are using only mastering grade convertors, cables and patch bays.

The studio has separate power supply and all equipment runs on power conditioners units and back-up power supplies. The rooms are built completely like a Faraday box against radio waves and radiation. The studio has a lounge room to relax, have a coffee, watch a movie, chat and connect with friends over internet or post pictures from the recording session for your fans to keep them interested. The studio’s AC/ heating/ humidifier/ dehumidifier system has been updated, and it is completely silent.                                                                                                                  

Fandango Recording Toronto is located uptown Toronto, at Leslie and Lawrence, in a very quiet and beautiful neighbourhood. Access is very easy, it takes 5 minutes coming either from 401 (Leslie South exit), or Don Valley (Lawrence West exit). 

Parking is free, and there are a lot of nice restaurants and fast food places closed by, either at York Mills Strip Mall or at Don Mills Outdoor Mall.

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