Monitoring system

The monitors and room acoustics are very important for mixing and mastering, so Fandango Recording aquired one of the best monitoring systems available. Also, at the recording stage the comfort of musicians is essential, so we are using a system that allows each musician to hear what he wants and how loud he wants in his headphones.

- Monitor control / distribution: SPL MTC 2381

- Main monitors: Barefoot MicroMain 27 self-powered with custom made stands.

- Additional monitors: KRK V4, Auratone Special Edition and Sony MHC55 powered by Yamaha MX1000 Natural Sound, Logitech 2.1 computer system, Panasonic RX D55GC boom box.

- Monitoring system for recording: Hear Back Personal System, with 1 Hub and 6 personal mixers. This system allows musicians to have their own mix, so they fell comfortable during recording.

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