Summing and Conversion A/D D/A

We tested the best summing mixers- Chandler, Shadow Hills, Great River and Fat Bustard Thermionic and we end up choosing the Inward M690 Inward made by the legendary Steve Firlotte with the famous Op-amps 690 designed by Jim Hall. They were all great, I wish I have them all; I found that the Inward tone was extremely musical while maintaining transparency.


- Inward Connection MIX690 Analog Summing Mixer made by Steve Firlotte


- Aurora 16 Channels Analog I/O and 16 Channels AES/EBU I/O 24 bit/192 KHz AD/DA mastering grade convertors - 2 units, total 32 channels AD/DA

- Apogee Duet II

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