Mastering rates

MASTERING - $60 / song or $600 / CD - up to 12 songs, $70 for each additional song. 

DDP will be provided by request - $30 fee.

Master for vinyl at the time of master for CD is $200, otherwise full rate mastering applies.

ADDITIONAL MASTERS FOR ITUNES AND OPTIMIZED MP3$15 / song - Note: for a song already mastered for CD and requested at the same time with the regular master, otherwise full fees apply.

Note: Fandango will fix any error or mistake on our part at no charge, however it is the customer's responsibility to listen to the master CD on a quality CD player, and make sure there are no mistakes. In extremely rare cases the CD’s may have some manufacturing problems Fandango Recording will replace the disc at no charge, however, we will not be held liable for this. Please do not listen to the master in moving vehicles, as it will scratch the CD. Please keep your master totally clean, free from scratches or dust, always keep it in a case.

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