Music production rates

CUSTOM BEAT PRODUCTION: from $300. The client gets exclusive rights to the beat for the first 2000 sales. Complete ownership is to be negotiated with the studio. The beat is completely tailored to the customer lyrics and structure.


1. Basic package*          - Instrumental tracks -guitar or piano- from $200. Sample:

2. Regular package*       - Instrumental tracks – guitar+bass+drums - from $250

3. Premium package*     - Instrumental tracks - guitars+bass+drums+keys - from $400

Additional instruments: $50 / instrument

Vocals: rates depend on the choice of vocalist, as they have their own rates - contact the studio. For recording vocals, the recording rate applies.

*The packages will be delivered as separate instrument tracks, mixing and mastering are not included.

SONGWRITTING: Create original music for provided lyrics:  $200**. Write harmony and arrangement for provided lyrics and melody: $75

For an accurate quote, please fill the details of your project in the Request for Quote and send it to us.

** Notice: the songwriting option is in addition to any of the recording package. The song copyright will be split 50/50 if Fandango creates the original music or the lyrics.

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