Music production samples

The following are a few snipets of songs / beats / demos where all arrangement and instrumental tracks were custom made by Fandango Recording Toronto as requested by our customers.

- You and Me by Valery Boy

- Global Elite by Dana Ross

- “My everything” by John Valentini. It was a request for a 80’s style arrangement for his wedding:

- “The Oneiric Project” album produced for Michael Cosma who requested 70’s progressive rock style:

- “You Are The One” produced for Rucsandra Saulean for the Eurovision contest:

- “Picture me rolling” - custom beat made for Lewis

- “Devil’s Drop”, “One Hit Wonder”, “Smell the Flowers" - custom beats made for 8K:

- “Wild Flowers” and “Song” custom made instrumentals for Kristine “Tish” Sebastien (tracks are not mixed, the vocal recording and mixing were done elsewhere):

- Demo for John Blair song (he also sings) to enter the CBC competition for “Hockey Night in Canada”: 

Jazz & World

Hip hop and R&B

Adult Contemporary






Below there is a collection of some of the albums mastered at Fandango Recording Toronto.

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