Studio Layout

Fandango Recording Toronto is a professional recording studio with a real estate of over 1000 square feet. The control room and the two tracking rooms were built following acoustic principles - see Photo Gallery. The tracking rooms can be used at the same time, and they provide a great sound for recording (vocal, drums, any other instrument). There is a closed TV circuit to allow the communication between the tracking rooms and multilayer glass windows between the control and tracking rooms. The first tracking room has three out of four walls covered with wood and broadband absorbers, which provides a very tight and balanced sound for instruments and vocals. The second tracking room is great for recording reeds, brass and violins;  due to the “L" shape and the combination of wood, hardwood floor, drywall, glass and mobile acoustic panels, it’s easy to achieve a great natural live sound.

Beside the engineer's experience and equipment, mixing and mastering require a proper acoustically calibrated control room. In order to control the standing waves and the frequency spectrum in the control room, we use bass traps, broadband absorbers of 4”, 6”, 9” and 12” thickness, bass membranes and professional acoustic foam.  We also employ the use of Helmholtz resonators and quadratic and poly diffusers. The complex acoustic analysis of the control room in the listening position shows the sound response is extremely balanced (within 3.5 dB from 20 Hz to 20 KHz vs the Bruel&Kjaer ideal room audio frequency response profile, which is a 6 dB linear increase from 20 to 20KHz) with great definition. For those of you interested in room acoustics, I took snapshots of the acoustic measurements of the control room with FuzzMeassure. The acoustic measurements were done with an Earthwork QTC40 going in a Millenia preamp.  

Fandango Recording Toronto studio layout

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